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Mishappening which happen with indian farmers during farmer protest in delhi

 The 2020-2021 Indian farmers’protest is ongoing protest against three farm acts which were passed by our Indian  parliament on september 2020. As 21 march 2021,according to Haryana police ,there are around 40,000 committed protestors sitting at Singhu and Tikri at the Delhi border. Now  it reached on the high level . where as, not only Indian people but also citizen from another nations give support to revocation these farm acts.

Now we discuss about horrible mishappening  which are recently seen in kisan andolan.

1. Sardar  Ranjeet singh,on january 30, an image of a young man’s face being crushed by delhi police with their boots went viral on social media. the young man in the image was Sardar  Ranjeet  singh 22, years  from kajampur village of punjab’s nawasshahr distric . He was arrested in following  events of january,29 at the protest site on the delhi border where famers have been comped since november aginst the three farm laws .He  has been accused of attempt to murder and is at Tihar jail.

2. Jagsir  singh (jaggi baba), a 31 years old from Barnala ‘s pondher village, who neither has a house or land, has been putting up at the gurudwara at pandher village offering services there for the past serval years.As his  parents live with his brother,the village panchayat has given him land and even started construction of a house.”jagsir is illterate but has been supporting the farm agitation since begining ,”says Parmjeet  singh Rana,a resident. Ever since his pictures surfaced in which his face was soaked in blood. he had taken lathi blows to retrieve a pieces of his turban after that leaders from various parties have been heading to the village to honour him.

3. Nodeep kaur,   Nodeep kaur  has become the centre of attention in the social media discussion almost a month after her arrest.Nodeep kaur  is a 24 years-old girl from punjab and she work as dalit and labour rights activits who joined this protest by labourers at haryana’s kundil border ,then was arrested on january 12 while participating in the ongoing protests at delhi’s borders. Also she has been police custody for nearly a month without bail , it is also alleged that Nodeep kaur was sexually assaulted in custody.The matter gained traction after the tweets of Meena Harris, the niece of US Vice-President Kamala Harris. A lawyer and author, Meena Harris was among the celebrities showing support for the protesting farmers after the issue was flagged by pop icon Rihanna.On Saturday, Ms Harris tweeted an image of posters seeking Nodeep Kaur’s release, juxtaposed with images of a mob burning posters of celebrities who had drawn flak after tweeting about the farmers’ protest.