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Lifestyle of Farmers

Anyone can farm –
 not everyone can be a farmer

Farming is not just a job; it’s a way of life! This line signifies the importance of farming in the daily life of people. Many people today believe that farmers just farm because they chose that as a profession. In many cases that is not true, some farmers have other jobs but they farm because they know that that is the only way that we will be able to feed the world in the future. To put in into perspective, when you go to work you work from 8am to 5pm and then you go home and take the night off. Well a farmer does not have a day off, If you are a farmer “you punch in at 5, and never punch out.” They never leave the farm or take a break because there is always something to do and people to feed.

If the rains are late farmers work in the fields from before dawn until long after dark to get the fields prepared, the seeds into the soil and the weeds sprayed.  This is the harsh reality and some people forbid to believe this fact.

It is true farmers do work very hard and keep long hours in order to be successful…but that is ONLY one aspect of a multi-faceted career. Farmers lead a life of significance and purpose – after all, the work of farmers is necessary for human survival! Farmers are highly motivated and capable, multi-talented individuals who balance their chores from the field to the farm office to the agri-business environment with skill. They should be respected as professionals whose work is highly significant. 

Basic Characteristics of Farmer

There are some basic characteristics that farmers need to have in order to make his farming efforts successful:

 Passion:  Most farmers are driven by their love for what they do – most of them can’t imagine a life worthwhile doing anything else. It is this passion which gives farmers the strength to stand up and start again after a time of failure or disappointment. Successful farms are run by passionate farmers who breathe farming in every pore of their being!
Pursuit of knowledge and eagerness to learn – to be successful, a farmer must know a great deal about his land and the products he plans to raise.

2.Problem solving skills: A farmer often faces challenges and crisis situations which require some quick thinking and creative solutions.Farmers need courage to stare problems in the face and find solutions and have become known for their innovative thinking. This characteristic sets farmers apart from others who need a computer or a manual with a clear set of instructions!

3.Team player:If you are a farmer there is always some context where you need to work in a team, either as a team member or a team leader. It requires wisdom and skill to keep the family team motivated and pulling together in the same direction for success and high productivity.

4.Patience and perseverance : Patience is necessary because a farmer’s reward comes slowly. There is no quick return or instant reward in farming. Just as the seasons turn slowly, so does a farmers job satisfaction – and if there’s a drought it’s an even longer waiting game.

 Possibly the most essential characteristic of a farmer is having a never-give-up attitude. This is the mark of a successful farmer who will stay in the game for the long run. Patience, perseverance and passion make it possible to push through the challenges and failures. Overall, it is-

LOVE, HARD WORK and CHARACTER make the farmer